Latin Dance

Instructor: Don DeBoer



7-8pm - Basic level
8-9pm - Intermediate level

Latin Mix

Saturday 1pm

Latin dances are rhythmic in expression and can be faster-paced or more sensual. The music may be Latin American music or contemporary popular music.

  • Salsa - Salsa dance is characterized by many turn combinations. It is a spot dance on the dance floor. People dance Salsa solo, in couples or group circles.

  • Rumba - Originated in Africa and traveled to Cuba and North America. The Afro-Cuban Rumba is fast and rhythmic. In the ballroom world Rumba music and dance have a slow ballad tempo and is considered a romantic dance. Therefore, this dance is great for proms and weddings.

  • Cha-Cha - is either danced to authentic Latin music or more contemporary Latin Pop or Latin Rock. The music is energetic with a steady beat. There are two flavors of Cha-Cha dance - Ballroom Cha-Cha and Latin Street Cha-Cha.

  • Merengue - is a type of lively joyful music and dance that comes from Dominican Republic. This easy-to-learn dance has many turn combination possibilities. There are mainly two flavors of Merengue dance, Ballroom and Club-style Merengue.

  • Samba - Rooted in Brazil, Samba is the festival dance of the famous street carnivals. It is also a Ballroom partner dance and can be danced to Bossa Nova music.

  • Zouk - Brazilian Zouk is a couple dance descended from Lambada in Brazil.

**Latin Dance class is online only at this time**

Latin Mix Online Dance Class features a Latin nightclub dance for a six week series on Fridays at 6 pm. $60 for the series or $12 per class. Genres include samba, salsa, cha cha, cumbia, bachata, and merengue. Solo and partner moves are covered. To inquire further you may contact for more details and zoom link.  In person will resume in the near future.