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Latin Dance

Instructor: Don DeBoer



7-8pm - Basic level
8-9pm - Intermediate level

Latin Mix

Saturday 1pm*

Latin dances are rhythmic in expression and can be faster-paced or more sensual. The music may be Latin American music or contemporary popular music.

  • Salsa - Salsa dance is characterized by many turn combinations. It is a spot dance on the dance floor. People dance Salsa solo, in couples or group circles.

  • Rumba - Originated in Africa and traveled to Cuba and North America. The Afro-Cuban Rumba is fast and rhythmic. In the ballroom world Rumba music and dance have a slow ballad tempo and is considered a romantic dance. Therefore, this dance is great for proms and weddings.

  • Cha-Cha - is either danced to authentic Latin music or more contemporary Latin Pop or Latin Rock. The music is energetic with a steady beat. There are two flavors of Cha-Cha dance - Ballroom Cha-Cha and Latin Street Cha-Cha.

  • Merengue - is a type of lively joyful music and dance that comes from Dominican Republic. This easy-to-learn dance has many turn combination possibilities. There are mainly two flavors of Merengue dance, Ballroom and Club-style Merengue.

  • Samba - Rooted in Brazil, Samba is the festival dance of the famous street carnivals. It is also a Ballroom partner dance and can be danced to Bossa Nova music.

  • Zouk - Brazilian Zouk is a couple dance descended from Lambada in Brazil.

**Latin Dance classes will begin again in Sept.**

Salsa on Fridays at 7pm. $40 for package of 4 classes or $12 per class.

*Latin Mix on Saturdays TBA - includes samba, salsa, cha cha, cumbia, bachata, and merengue. Solo and partner moves are covered.

Contact class instructor for more details. 

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