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Don DeBoer

Don has been teaching salsa at 4 Seasons Dance Studio for 20 years. As a Phd counselor and educator, he finds it very easy to incorporate his training into his dance instruction, placing great emphasis on patience, respect, encouragement and enthusiasm. And as a former DJ, he also takes great pleasure in sharing some of the latest in innovative Latin club music for his classes.

Don has taught Latin dance for the nightclubs and his own dance parties with emphasis on a variety of Latin dances. Every month he rotates among three predominate styles of salsa: cumbia style, mambo style, and casino (Cuban) style. Other Latin dances are mixed in - Pachanga, Cha Cha, Son, Bachata, Merengue and Samba. Don can break down just about anything for his students and he can also teach in Spanish. 

Don is a friendly, patient and fun instructor!

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