Minneapolis Dance Studio MPLS Dance Lessons

Tango Dances

Tuesday 7pm - Level 1
Tuesday 8pm - Level 2

Instructors: Bruce Abas and Michael Cordner with Andrea Ducane

Originated in Argentina, Tango dance and music are becoming popular all over the world. Tango music has evolved together with the dance. Today, there are many Tango dance styles, including Argentine Tango, Ballroom Tango, Finnish Tango and Chinese Tango.

  • Argentine Tango - This sophisticated dance is regarded as the "authentic" Tango since it is the closest to the original dance. Argentine Tango is full of dramatic feelings and rich opportunities for improvision.
  • Ballroom Tango - Divided in recent decades into the "International" and "American" styles, Ballroom Tango has descended from the Tango styles that developed when the Tango first went abroad to Europe and America. The dance was simplified, adapted to the preferences of conventional ballroom dancers.
  • Milonga - Although Milonga uses the same basic elements as Tango, it is much nearer to the African roots, especially in that it requires a greater relaxation of legs and body.