Frequently Answered Questions

  • When do the classes start?
    Level II classes are on-going. Level I classes start the first week of the month. They are designed to be taken consecutively. However, classes do not expire for 8 weeks from the first class taken. So, if one is missed it can be carried to the next month
  • Can I transfer payment to other classes?
    Classes are paid for in a series for that day of the week. They can not be transferred to other days. If students pay per class they can come any day of the week.
  • What if I don't use all the lessons?
    Lessons may be transferred to other people ahead of the expiration date. After 8 weeks expiration the lessons are forfeited. Private lessons and gift certificates are good for one year.
  • What do I wear to dance classes?
    Dress is casual. Shoes need to be dry and smooth-bottomed.
  • How do I register?
    There is no pre-registration. Come to the first class of the month (on the first week of the month) about 10 minutes early to get signed in. Bring cash or check. We don't take credit cards.