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Ron Johnson


Ron Johnson is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and began dancing in 1997. He quickly received recognition for his unique style and ability to understand what it takes to build a solid foundation in one's dance no matter what the style. He has performed in venues large and small, including the San Diego County Fair, The Arizona State Fair, the Prado Theater in San Diego, CA, the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito Mexico, and The Tijuana Convention Center in Tijuana Mexico to name a few.

Ron has traveled extensively these past 6 years studying Tango while attending many festivals throughout the United States. Along the way he has been exposed to many of the top teachers from around the world in Argentine Tango. Those that have influenced him are far too many to mention but each in their own way have had an impact on understanding and piecing together what it takes to achieve continued growth in this dance.

Today he focuses on helping people experience firsthand what it takes to not only get better and reach personal milestones in this dance but to truly embrace their innate desire to express themselves. He wants his students to learn to move and connect with their partner, rather than just do steps.

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