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Michael Cordner

Diplaying a breadth of knowledge and an intense sensitivity to the art of tango, Michael Cordner brings a special level of class to Four Seasons Dance. 

With years of training as a ballroom dancer, he has a solid foundation in partner dance.  Michael has dedicated himself to Argentine Tango for the past 6 years. He started his study with Rebecca Abas, went to Buenos Aires and continues to study with Florencia Taccetti and the Argentine Masters that give workshops regularly at Four Seasons Dance Studio.  He is considered the best example of the "milonguero" style in the twin Cities. 

Michael also imports and distributes authentic Tango CDs directly from Argentina and hosts and DJs Minneapolis' longest running weekly tango dance "Puro Tango" every Friday night at 4 Seasons Dance Studio.  Michael teaches Intermediate Level Tango on Tuesdays at 8pm and is available for private lessons.