Kaija Freborg

After training in latin dances for many years, Kaija discovered kizomba by chance at a bachata congress in 2013. She was instantly captivated by this African dance for its beautiful footwork and sensual body movement. Kaija has travelled around the U.S. and Europe, learning kizomba, semba, and tarraxinha at specialty workshops and festivals as well as putting in numerous teachers’ training hours with world-renowned instructors like Mestre Petchu and Vanessa and Lucia Nogueira.

As the founding member of Kizomba Mpls, Kaija is passionate about building a kizomba community in the Minneapolis area. She loves to have fun in her classes, so don’t be surprised to find lively, entertaining lessons while students learn techniques in leading, following, body movement, and styling.

Long Chan

Long has talent for all things creative, including art and music. It was only a matter of time before his creative path led him towards his next journey of becoming a dancer. Long started Kizomba in early 2015 and was instantly hooked when he heard a ghetto zouk remix from one of his favorite R&B artist John Legend. Ever since that moment, he has been passionate about all things Kizomba: the culture, the various dance styles, and the music. Long continues to combine his love for both music and dance by creating dance mixes for energetic crowds and exploring musicality in his Kizomba dancing. So don't be surprised if you find him bouncing between the DJ booth and dance floor at the next Kizomba Mpls social.

Eda Kachiri

Eda started dancing in high school with her dance team and continued her pursuit of knowledge and exposure to dancing afterwards at Zenon School of Dance, training in jazz, modern, and hip-hop. She was introduced to social dancing when a prominent dance instructor asked her to assist in teaching salsa at a local dance studio. In a short time, she became an exceptional follow and a unique and sought-after partner dancer in the community. Eda began teaching latin dances in 2013 and kizomba in 2014 and continues to venture into new dance styles to expand her knowledge and experience of dance. Her innate sense of movement, variety of dance training, and exceptional following skills make her a unique resource for students looking to enhance their social leading and following skills.