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Charisse Ponder

For classes by appointment, please contact Charisse Ponder at:

Phone: 612-323-0867

Email: cda.dance.artist@gmail.com

Charisse works as a teacher, choreographer, and dancer. She is a Classical Ballet trained dancer who carries this training into all her works. She has studied at the Joffrey Ballet and a variety of other schools and settings in New York City. She is currently studying with Rebecca Abas at the Four Seasons Dance Studio in Minneapolis. Additionally, she has performed with the St. Paul Classical Ballet Academy, Minnesota Dance Theater, and on the Prairie Home Companion Show Live ( both Jazz and Tap ). Charisse has also participated and performed with Joe Chvala's residency Flying Foot Forum. She performed in the 2014 Fringe Festival with Rebecca Abas's Body Talk Group at the Four Seasons Dance Studio. Charisse is currently teaching at the Four Seasons Dance Studio along with their partnership with MCTC. She is currently very happy to be working with Young Dance and grateful to be connected with Gretchen Pick and the wonderful Artists and students there. As a Collaborative Dance Artist; Charisse means to do just that; collaborate with all aspects of Dance and Movement. Her mission is to nurture and fulfill a passion for movement with the interaction of all people in the flow of life. Life has momemtum; therefore it feels natural to pass along to others the Art of Movement and Rythym in order to enhance their personal day to day lives.


  • Adult Gentle Ballet:
    This class offers the adult individual the freedom to enjoy many benefits of a gentle Ballet class, such as a sense of achievement in: alignment, strength, stretch, balance, self-confidence, connection to others, concentration, and stress relief. This class is welcoming to all, emphasizing a light, non-competitive, stress-free atmosphere.

  • Adult Tap:
    Tap is happy, fun and lively! In this class we will cultivate the natural and rhythmic abilities of the individual. The individual will appreciate becoming a musical instrument. All of this will encourage the value of tap and its benefits at any age.

  • Youth Ballet:
    The beauty of ballet is that it is an art form that translates movement to discipline, strength, elegance and grace. Technique and terminology enhances the study of the culture of this lovely art form. All of this will be executed in the most caring, nurturing manor for the needs of the individual young dancer.

  • Youth Tap:
    Tap is a discovery of the natural inclination to tap the foot with familiar rhythmic motion, adapting the individuals own body weight within space, constituting constant motion. How exciting this unique art form is for our young dancer who, by nature, loves to explore, listen, respond, move and create sounds. Tap is quick and responsive and the student becomes their own musical instrument. All of this while experiencing the happiness of tap in a fun and nurturing environment.

Contact Charisse

For more information, please contact Charisse Ponder at:

Phone: 612-323-0867

Email: cda.dance.artist@gmail.com