Minneapolis Dance Studio MPLS Dance Lessons

Introducing a New Swing Class at Four Seasons starting May 11th!

Known as "the grand-daddy of all swing", the Lindy Hop is an Afro-Euro-American dance that originated in Harlem in the late 1920's. Danced to swing jazz, this dance is characterized by a pulsing swing rhythm, joyful social connection, and creative musical improvisation. Join Katie and Gary on Thursdays from 7-8 pm and let's get swinging!

Rhythm Junction

Mondays 8-11 PM

Rhythm Junction is a dancer's venue. Imagine a whole night of Count Basie! Imagine a whole night of Django Rheinhart! Imagine, a whole night of your favorite DJ!

Rhythm Junction has a series of rotating DJs and rotating themes. Every Monday brings out new and exciting music; music selected for dancers, by dancers. Bring your happy feet, bring your friends, Rhythm Junction's music will inspire you to dance like never before!

Mondays at Four Seasons, 8-11pm. Just $5 or $10 on live music nights.


Saturday Mornings

Are you ready to dance yourself into shape? Zumba fitness classes will now be offered at Four Seasons Dance Studio! Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that combines international music with "fitness party" dance steps. It's a fun and exhilarating work out. Zumba has grown to become the world's largest dance fitness program and is offered in over 150 countries. So, come join the party and try one of our classes! All levels welcome.

The Zumba fitness classes will be taught by certified Zumba instructors, Myrna Williamson and Sadie Jelinek on Saturday mornings. Visit www.zumba.com or www.myrnaw.zumba.com for class schedules and more information.